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Laboratories doors

Laboratories doors

The clean room doors are lined with antimicrobial properties .I antimicrobial action of the doors is activated in places favoring multiplication of  germs and bacteria.

The antimicrobial coating of the doors clean rooms act when microbes grow and further limits what may have formed.

The steel sheets with polyester coating are made of doors clean rooms, with health properties offer antibacterial protection in areas dictated by the regulations. Moreover, the coating of sanitary doors clean rooms offer proven efficacy against different types of bacteria as shown in the table below.

This category of doors used in medical laboratories, hospitals, food preparation areas, clinics, pharmaceutical wholesalers, pharmaceutical companies, operating theaters, sanitary spaces, etc.

 Gasket  tightly for doors clean rooms

This type of door needed to meet the health requirements, should be eliminated the gap between door and floor, preventing the penetration of air, smoke, dust and sound.

It consists of driver - aluminum profiles, rubber EPDM (resistant from - 35 ° C to + 90 ° C) & brackets suitable for > 200,000 blinking door.

The mechanism is activated by a side button that adjusts the absolute adhesion of the rubber to the floor when the door is operated.

The clean rooms doors are being manufactured by industrial refrigeration manufacturer AMP at its own facilities (16.000 m2) in Kryoneri Attica Greece.

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