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Polyourethane panels

Polyourethane panels


Surface: Galvanized steel sheets type Z275 according to the specifications of DIN 10147. Fully galvanized coating of 275 g / m3.

Sheet Thickness: The outer side 0,6 mm, the inner side 0,5 mm.

Coating: Coating Protection class III according to DIN 55928 type Sp25. Double coating finish with oven varnish for industrial paints and protective film.

Insulation core: Hard polyurethane foam free of CFC and HCFC.

Connection: Double with recesses and protrusions that snap together to form a labyrinth bond without additional fasteners.

Hohlkammerprofil (Hollow chamber profile) (HKP): Finishing link for smooth surface without joints on the links of the panels (sealing gasket)

Options: Ιnnovative, elastic sealing lasing mastic in the recesses of the panels.



Thermal insulation: Thermal conductivity according to DIN 4108 λ = 0,022W / mk

Fire protection: Material class V1 according to DIN 4102-1

Soundproofing: Estimated for all thicknesses of the panels by a factor R≥26dB

Tightness: Coefficient tightness Link a <0,1m3 / (hm (10Pa)) in accordance with DIN EN 42. Watertight from the rain under the specifications of DIN EN 86. Fully waterproof.



General cold room approval according to Z-10.4-254 requirements of Institute (DIBt) in Berlin.

Quality standards according to the requirements for cold room approval (DIBt), the quality and control regulations RALGZ-617 (GBS).

The approved production is guaranteed by inspections of the industrial production of EMS and the additional external quality control of the Research center for steel, wood and stone of the University of Karlsruhe, Germany.

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