FAQ on industrial refrigeration cold rooms

Why choose an AMP industrial walk-in chiller or freezer?


Because we guarrantee that your cold room is going to be waterproof from moisture, as:

  • It is manufactured with highly accurate industrial equipment at AMP industrial facility (16.000m2) located in Athens near Pireus port.
  • We always hold a quality control of the industrial refrigeration cold room before shipment. That control proccess of the cold room according to DIN specifications of the Berlin Univesity ensures that energy waste of cold room is zero.
What is the design of the joints the cold room polyourethane panels ?


The cold rooms polyourethane panels are connected air-tightly so as to achieve energy efficiency along with smooth surfaces.

How can we ensure air-tightness?

The panels are made according to DIN standars of Berlin University , ThyssenKrupp steel sheets made in Germany, Huntsman Polyurethane made in Germany.

  • Maximum economy on energy consumption, thermal insulation acc. to DIN . 4108 λR : 0,0222 W/mk.
  • Maximum hygiene levels, because of smooth panel surfaces.
  • Food safety standards on cold rooms and doors are being met (HACCP).
  • The design of the polyourethane panels is 3 thermal barriers that obtain the produced energy.
  • Protection of the polyurethane from humidity.

The walk-in chillers and freezers are assembled in a compact way. Using kunstoff profiles, the roof with the vertical panels clip without external screwing needed. 

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