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Controlled atmosphere door

Controlled atmosphere door

The sliding door for cold rooms for controlled atmosphere is suitable for application in a cold room, where an absolute gas tightness is required at the lowest operating temperature of -5 ° C. It can be used as a standard sliding door for cold rooms with positive temperature.

The frame around the leaf of the door is made ​​of anodized aluminum, and positioned against & pressured with polyurethane, to keep the door always flat. 

The door is steel sheet coated with plastisol 200mm in order to be suitable for application in food safe areas, the thickness is 5/10 mm and the polyurethane insulation is of density 40 Kg/m³.

The closing valves seal ensuring tight sealing and providing perfect contact between the door and the frame and the best insulation between the inside and the outside of the cold room.

The rear guide is made of aluminum profile which assures the perfect straight sliding of the leaf during opening and closing.

 We use plastic pulleys, by means of with the door slides along the sliding guide, so that it is adjustable in height and in depth.


The door has an inspection hatch (600 x 800mm clear passage) provided with external lock handle and internal safety opener and magnetic sealing gasket.


They include external and internal handle (levers) made of stainless steel inox 304.


For the technical sheets for doors for controlled atmosphere, press the following link:

Doors for controlled atmosphere (data sheet)

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The sliding door for controlled atmosphere MOD 809AT-C guarantees the hermetic sealing of the cold r..
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