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Compensating Valves

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The purpose of using compensating valves at cold rooms is to maintain the internal and external pressure balanced. The pressure variations periodically occur during the different defrosting phases and during the opening & closing of the cold room door.

The lack of a compensating valve installation may cause the following problems: quick door opening resulting in deterioration of the stored products and crackings in coincidence of the panel connections and consequent frosting.

The valves are supplied in three different models, up to 30 m³, up to 50 m³ and up to 120 m³.



For the technical sheets for decompression valves, press the following link:

Decompression valves (data sheet)

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The small decompression valve operates best in refrigeration chamber or professional refrigerator wi..
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Decompression valve medium size is suitable for cooling freezing chamber having an internal volume o..
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Large decompression valve is suitable for cooling freezing chamber with an internal volume of up to ..
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